Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday July 19th in Lima Peru

Sunday morning the team all came to breakfast on time 7:15 but their lack of sleep the night we traveled finally caught up with them. They were dragging, but dressed and ready to catch the bus at 8:00 to go to El Camino Iglesia. Because we had all our supplies in all the rooms the church had cancelled Sunday School and were having their worship service only.
It is such a small place we felt some concern about going and taking up space from the regular people but Pastor Jerry would not hear of it.

I, Glenda, did not get to go. I got a stomach bug on Friday and still not able to go each day. I am writing this Monday afternoon and though I don't feel sick, when I eat, it does not stay with me. I am living on crackers, ginger ale and blue gatorade. Thankfully no vomiting. I hope to be able to go with the team tomorrow. I am sure that is all you want to know about it.

Back to Sunday. Pedro said that the service was wonderful. Pastor Jerry taught from John 17 and was so clear and had a great insight into the Scripture. We both are so impressed with this humble man. His ability to know Scripture without great scholarly training is amazing. Jose translated for him so the team was able to understand. Afterwards he introduced the team and welcomed them and thanked them for what they are here to do.
There is no way to describe a church service in another language and culture until you experience it. The team did that.

After leaving the church the team went by bus to La Muralla (The Wall). It is in very downtown Lima in the old part of the original city. It is part of a new city park. This new park, complete with a track for children to cycle and a pedestrian walkway, sits on the banks of the RĂ­mac River. During its construction diggers unearthed the remains of 500-year-old city walls that were once meant to repel both the rising river and Dutch pirates. A small museum on the site explains some of the history of the wall and the city of Lima. The bus left them in the central plaza by the palace. It was time for the changing of the guards so they waited for that and saw the "ceremony" for this. The resturant called also La Muralla was excellente so I was told last night. The prices were good and yet they felt like they had feasted. I decided I would rather not hear what I missed.
Arriving back to the hotel about 3:30 the team had the rest of the day free. Most napped and then went to Laromar a shopping area that looks over the Pacific considered one of the best in the southern hemisphere.

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