Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday-- more about 1st Clinic Day

Jim Mays said that he saw more than 40 patients to measure for glasses. Daniel H his assistant was able to make 4 sets of glasses himself. At one point Jim asked Pedro to come see a lady who no matter what they did she still was seeing blurry. As Pedro questioned her he found that she was a severe diabetic. They realized that because of not having proper care the diabetes has now done enormous damage to her eyes. Pedro took her to someone medical, a Peruvian, that was able to tell her a clinic she could go to for help though it may be too late for much.

Joan Bathon saw only Rheumatology patients though she was willing to see anyone. But hearing a rheumatologist would be at the clinic many wanted an appointment. She did quite a few injections but the saddest part is many of the women come with severe hand problems and carpel tunnel. Many of them have jobs where they use their hands constantly such as working in laundries washing and wringing clothes by hand. How can she tell them they have to stop? They must feed their families. These are the kind of things that break your heart. Yet it will only get worse. In these cases, just the love and touch in the name of Jesus, and a prayer is the only thing to offer. Sometimes an injection in severe cases but how long will that last if they go back tomorrow to the same activity.

Pedro and I decided before the trip that for the first time he would not have scheduled clinics for himself but would spend the day with the other doctors and nurses and the eye clinic. He has never had that freedom to just see what is happening and really wanted it at least for the first 2 days of clinics. He was very busy. Sometimes he translated or as with Jim helped with a problem, could sit with a patient and talk to them about spiritual things and advise them on medical issues. One of the church helpers talked to him a long time about her wrist and today he was going to find a special wrist brace for her to wear.

Diana Webber our nurse practioner speaks fluent Spanish and has done many mission trips. She is so on the go and great to have. I will ask her to write you some details of what she is seeing.

Working along with Diana, Stu, Amy, Nathan, with Teresa Perkins helping Amy with translation, have most of the children to see. I hope to get some more details from them in a future blog.

The Florida team, mostly teens, is here also. About 17 of them. Saturday they were suppose to have some concrete brought to take to their projects on the mountain. It did not arrive (should we be surprised?) so some of them helped with the children's program. One of the girls has been doing Irish Dances since age six. She did a show for the kids and I think did a little class for them.

Because the church wanted to make sure we did not get overwhelmed they had given appointments to people and only so many. The team worked much faster and were finished and ready to leave at 5:00 instead of the usual 6:00. They were suppose to go to the Nun's Restaurant on the way home but it does not open until 7:00 PM. Pedro called me and said what can I do with them for 2 hours. We decided to cancel the Nun's and they would go to Norky's which is one of my favorite places just blocks from the hotel. They had 2 choices within the budget - Roasted Chicken (ah! so good) and Pasta with Beef Strips. All except 3 ordered the chicken. When the orders came, the beef strips turned out to be a big steak on top of pasta. Pedro was one who ordered that and he felt so guilty. But Nathan our medical student was sitting next to him and told him he would help him take his quilt away. In other words, I will share with you. In the end those who got chicken also got free ice cream. The best surprise of all was the salad all got. Michael and Maddyni had gone to Norky's before we got here and talked to them. Because so many Gringos eat here they clean their salads with bottled water and something like iodine (I don't know what.) It is safe to eat.
I think they enjoyed that more than the meat.

Stacey and Stephanie are the top pharmacists. They got set up and no pharmacy is better. Stephanie is practicing doing blood sugars on herself so she can do that as needed. Good introduction to pre-med school at OU in fall.

I hope to get all of the team to write notes for this more detail. After all my insight is that I am in a hotel in a corner room with all glass watching people walk by and hearing horns non stop. I can see the ocean when the clouds clear some which today has not been but a few minutes. I can hear the constant hammering and sawing as they are remodeling a room down the hall. I can go down to the lobby and people watch and walk a few blocks to stretch. WOW what a mission trip. God and I have had some long talks these last few days. First of all Michael and Maddy are doing what I would do and probably better. God keeps telling me to let go. I am asking myself if this is maybe a control issue and that I am so worried because I am not there and might be needed.
Michael was telling me this morning that before we came I was so exhausted. True. I had had little sleep at night because of my shoulder pain and I was so stressed with getting everything done. Not really bad stress just stuff to do. He reminded me that maybe God gave me this stomach problem for me to just cool it and let go. HM! I know he is probably right but ....

For those who keep asking about my shoulder: I did have the shoulder joint injection on Monday before we left and got a lot of relief. The other 2 injections done in the facet joins was not helpful. It is not as bad as before. But it is there and the pain going into the arm and fingers is quite intense. And if I sit at the desk to type, it is quite bad. I do think I have to still think, note just think, about the replacement very soon. But how can I take off 6 weeks? Can't write, type, drive. I do have to be able to hold our new twins when they come in February and Asher at the same time. Please keep praying with me about this.

Pray for team, for the health of each one. So far they are going strong. Pray for the Spirit of Jesus to flow through each one of us. Pray for the cases they can't help, for the sadness we feel in our human abilities and that each of us will see that all our sufficiency is in Jesus alone. We love you and miss you.
GG and for all the Peru 2009 Team
PS I am thankful Mrs Chappell my 4 years of high school English teacher won't read this. I am not editing for mistakes.... so please don't find any. HA!

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